PikseliAHKY_//_PixelACHE_//_Mal_au_Pixel_2006_-_Call_for _Projects!

CALL FOR PROJECTS - Deadline 10 September 2005!

- - -

PikseliAHKY // PixelACHE // Mal au Pixel 2006
Festival of electronic art and subcultures
Helsinki & Paris, April 2006

* The Dot Org Boom continues (Le Boom DotOrg!) *

PixelACHE will continue as an annual festival but we have decided
to focus on one theme in two consecutive festival editions, over a
time period of two years.

PixelACHE 2006 will thus continue exploring the PixelACHE 2005
theme: The Dot Org Boom, the non-profit grassroot new media revolution.
The essential ingredients of this rapidly growing phenomenon are
open source community, open content initiatives, media activist
networks and myriads of NGOs around the world.

In addition to projects related to The Dot Org Boom,
we are also looking for projects from following areas:

* Experimental interaction and electronics
* VJ culture and audiovisual performances
* Grassroot networks and politics of media / technology
* Experimental games and gaming experience

The submitted projects don't have to be existing pieces of work,
we are also looking for interesting prototypes and project concepts.
The call for proposals is open for everyone: artists and designers,
researchers and engineers, architects and activists, amateurs and
professionals, etc.

- - -

* Mal au Pixel 2006 - Bienvenue a Paris! *

PixelACHE festival is based in Helsinki but has so far traveled to
New York, Montreal and Stockholm. PixelACHE 2006 will add
one more destination to the list - Paris!

The confirmed collaborators for Mal au Pixel 2006 are Mains d'Ouvres,
Confluences with AVRIL.DOT Festival and Ars Longa. PixelACHE in
Helsinki is organised together with Kiasma Museum of Contemporary
Art and several other collaborators.

PikseliAHKY // PixelACHE // Mal au Pixel events have been
initiated and are coordinated by Piknik Frequency, a non-profit
media culture organisation (www.piknik.org).

- - -

* Project submission *

Instructions and submission form for PixelACHE 2006 are available
on the PixelACHE website, www.pixelache.ac/2006/call. From the
site you can also find plenty of documentation from previous events,
photos, videos, etc….

>>> The deadline for submissions is 10 September 2005!

NOTICE! If you have sent a proposal in October 2004 (for PixelACHE
2005 & 2006), your proposal is still valid and in consideration for
PixelACHE 2006. Updated versions of project descriptions are welcome.

- - -

See you next spring in Helsinki or Paris! :)