Announcing: Generator.x conference

Announcing: Generator.x conference

23-24 September 2005, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway

Intrigued by the power of computation and the realization that all
digital media are in fact software, a new generation of artists and
designers are turning to code as a means of new expression and a way to
better control their medium. Software is not the transparent interface
it has traditionally been thought to be. Instead, it is a material that
both limits and permits personal expression.

True literacy means being able to both read and write. If to use
pre-existing software is to "read" digital media, then programming is
the equivalent to writing. The Generator.x project focuses on artists
and designers who embrace this new literacy not as a technical obstacle,
but as a way to redefine the tools and the media they work in.

Through a conference, an exhibition and a blog, Generator.x examines
the role of software and generative strategies in current digital art
and design. Subjects to be covered include:

* Generative aesthetics
* Computational design: Designing processes
* Performative software
* Software by creatives for creatives

The project is a co-production between Atelier Nord and the National
Touring exhibitions of Norway.

Confirmed speakers

Erich Berger (NO / AT)
Pablo Miranda Carranza (SE / SP)
Gisle Froysland (NO)
Hans Christian Gilje (NO)
Susanne Jaschko (DE)
Golan Levin (US)
Sebastian Oschatz (DE)
Casey Reas (US)
Amanda Steggell (NO)
Marius Watz (NO)

The conference is hosted by Atelier Nord, and will be accompanied by the
opening of the Generator.x exhibition at the National Museum of Art,
Architecture of Design, as well as a club event with live performances.
For details about the exhibition, please see

Registration for the conference will be available soon, for more
information please visit or email
[email protected].

Credits and support

Generator.x is a co-production between Atelier Nord and Riksutstillinger
(the National Touring Exhibitions of Norway), as a result of an
initiative by Marius Watz. Generator.x is supported by the Norwegian
Cultural Council, PNEK, the Goethe-Institut Oslo and the Austrian
Embassy in Norway.

For more information, please visit