doc-u exhibition + sound files


Thanks to those of you who have sent me your mobile phone pictures for the doc-u project ( Just to remind you that the
exhibition opens on the 11th June at the Babylon Gallery (Ely, UK) where
the project is being shown as a large interactive projection, an
interactive image wall and 2 videos created from the submissions (and the phones, of course). I am also running kids and adult workshops with the 5 mobile phones on the 18th June if you fancy coming along and making a doc-u at the gallery.

Since the project was launched I have a number of requests to send
audio/sonic files. I think that this is a great idea (why did I not think about that before?) so, I am now opening the project to audio/sonic doc-u's. Please send your sound files created via mobile phones to me([email protected]) if you would like to participate in the project in this way.

The project is open to photos and sounds for as long as you would like to keep sending them to me!