Re: Symbols that say what you want them to say

Richard Bamattre wrote:

> "Symbols …" was created as a tool for future works. It is a product
> of graphic design and critical awareness of symbols and logos and
> their functions as accurate/false representations.

hey richard, i'd love to see this with a third layer for text, with the ability of the user to add their own dictionary or bank of words(equal to number of symbols).
possibly even a fourth layer of sound symbols, telephone rings, mobile dial tones, traffic light sounds, alarm clock, traffic noises, whistles, kettle, white noise, fridges, air conditioners, fans, etc, …'s a sort of multimedia or polysemiotic 'exquisite corpse'

ps had fun with the combinations, but something weird happened, the swastika appeared, big and black and i didn't even click on it, well i don't think i did, but i have been known to be sloppy with the mouse.


, Richard Bamattre

A text layer is a good idea … I'll try to put it in soon … only a few weeks before it gets exhibited @ UCI. I've thought about sounds, but they seem to be only additional elements, since it functions as web art, a gallery piece, and a tool to create/print logos.

thanks for your input … sorry this response is a bit late, still figuring out how to use this website.