America Idol Audition Training Blog

Yes, that's right… I am officially in training to get an Idol Audition.

Over the next few weeks/months I will do a series of intense practice
drills, research projects, and training exercises… like researching
camp-out gear & food, taking dance & singing lessons, working out,
meeting with a nutritionist, working on my wardrobe (which blog
readers can vote on, in addition to songs & hairstyles), etc…

Stay tuned for more details…


, Marisa Olson

>From: t.whid <[email protected]>
>is this tongue-in-cheek or for real?

both! i am really going to line up & try to get an audition. but i am
trying to have fun with my training. because it is hard work & very
expensive (all those lessons, gym sessions, and wardrobe items!). and
the art element makes me feel like less of a nerd…

thanks for your support. :)