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Talk time: Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene has just written a book on the history of internet art
Interviewed by Sean Dodson
Thursday June 24, 2004

The Guardian
Who are you?

I am a Canadian-born New Yorker and a graduate of Shakespearean
literature. As a student in England in the early 90s, I was isolated so
I began to use email to get myself home. Since1997, I have been working
with, an international platform for new media art
affiliated with the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

Why did you change from Shakespeare to net art?

Like many women, I found a lot of traditional scholarship alienating.
Exposure to contemporary art in the mid-90s helped me enter into a more
three-dimensional and open-ended conversation and I found the nascent
net art scene even more so. While online, I was encouraged to talk
back, have a voice, to publish a text, write back, make a website etc.


, Jess Loseby

its not the guardian but I was also asked to review rachel's book for the british arts
journal a-n.

Internet Art.
Rachel Greene (Thames & Hudson 2004)

Internet Art seeks to historicize, suggesting its usefulness as a textual