Re: [eu-gene] YBA Saatchi "masterpieces" detroyed by fire.

Schadenfreude (finding joy in the misfortune of others) is nothing new, and
a lot of artists are certainly familiar with the sensation. But what I find
worse is the self-serving rhetoric about how and for what arbitrary reasons
art should / should not be created / collected / curated / paid for. Even
if it were true that the works that burned were representatives of "art
that hates art" (whatever that means), are we better off for their destruction?

The statement below boggles the mind. How can you be glad to see art
destroyed, regardless of whether you like the artist's body of work? I
don't agree with the bookburning reference made elsewhere, but I am
horrified at such a narrow-mindedness. What happened to live and let live?

Rob Myers on the [eu-gene] list:
>Given the number of works involved, something for everyone will have been
>lost. I'm worried about early Hirst, Caulfield and Rae even if I'm glad to
>see late Hirst, Emin and Rego go.


Marius Watz - Amoeba / Unlekker


, Rob Myers

On 27 May 2004, at 17:27, Marius Watz wrote:

> What happened to live and let live?

It seems that it went out of the window when people started expressing
opinions that didn't conform to the demands of the current academic and
financial climate. ;-)

- Rob.