Operation Nobel Prize

Operation Nobel Prize

process my work not as you would read a book like harry potter or one by stephen king or a poem by
walt whitman or even a book like finnegan's wake - please SCAN my writing - view it as you would
view any visual object - because this is the purpose for which "Formal Spam" was created - Formal
Spam is a genre that the reader treats as a visual object - ian and i have called this genre Formal
Spam because like all popular media and other infiltrating material that permeates contemporary
culture we have created our own surface material to saturate the reader's attention - by formalizing
spam we have introduced into our visually centered text a multiplicity of subsurface meaning, neural
messaging and other waveforms of communication transmitted from boundary conditions,
interpenetrating logospheres and realtime juxta-portals

– judith matheson

A Production by Culture Animal
–"Trampling on the Footsteps of Tradition"

August Highland
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