i don't play games at all - none - i don't even watch tv - i rent videos sometimes - actually i
don't rent them - my wife does - i never pick good ones - i used to go to film festivals all the
time before i was married - that was really beautiful - the film festivals i mean - now i leave it
to my wife to pick the films at blockbuster or hollywood videos

my 6-year-old daughter plays games sometimes at nick jr. or cartoon network or pbs kids

it's just that games really suck you in - like watching basketball - i watched a lot of NBA when i
was single - basketball is a game - it really sucks you in

you know what really sucks me in is my daughter and wife

i have to admit that i am really sucked into my work

but i do try to put my family first

but whatever it is - ambition, driven creativeness - whatever the word for it is - it does compete
with my family life - which i regret now and will really regret probably when i am lying down at the
moment right before i know i am about to change tense