Spammers and Flamers

Spammers and Flamers

This group is as underground as the literary world descends - a cesspool. Spammers and flamers and
every other nemesis of literary decorum is invited. Spoken word divas and sphincter-plugged
academicians will eat my poopy. Anyone starting a thread or discussion will eat my poopy. Vulgarity,
obscenity, explicit sexual language, indecency of every kind, political incorrectness and any other
form of outrageousness is tolerated. Material with nuance, ironic tension and aesthete refinement is
accepted, but only out of liberal open-mindedness. Geniuses and morons are treated with equal
disrepect. This group is unmoderated. It was conceived of by August Highland, the enfant horrible
and literary statesman of the world of letters, after a traumatic experience during an invitation to
the White House, at which time he was molested by the First Lady who, after drugging him with
Rohypnol, straddled his face while the President aggressively assaulted his arse without a condom,
transmitting the AIDS virus to August who then transmitted it to his wife.

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