So if Rhizome were some "evil corporation"–there'd be
765874957 volunteers to clone it.

How come nobody's cloning Rhizome Raw and piping it for
free somewhere?

Aren't you all supposed to be "subervsive"?

Or is "subversive" a career-patch? But that doesn't make
sense, cause if "played right" Rhizome has left a hole as
wide as Mars for someone to make a "career" for themselves.

Nobody's *buying* Rhizome for $5? :)

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+
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, eric rosseel

this the translation of a poem 'rizoom' written in dutch.
i had liked to present it to you, so you can insert it in your newsletters.
eric rosseel [email protected]


to Gilles Deleuze†,Felix Guattari† en Sadie Plant

sand in desert dunes
so your words slumber
in the weakness of my cortex
nomads looking for
the starting point of their journey
over and over again junctions
on the route for new ecstacies
new exits in a web of highways

even if a word breaks
as a branch that is sawn off
it rises again in breath
and speaks to me
sidelong from the loin
does not tread on me
like a tyran of easy virtue or a badly tempered boss
who draws trees in raw panoptic commands

your words are brewing glowing
fermenting and wriggling ranting
buzzing like a swarm of bees
buzzing in me in body and members
a dictionnary in which I leaf and lose my way
here disappears and appears
the rootstock and grows horizontally
breeds more rapidly than it dies off

likewise people teem like words
together in the newest city
avoid the pictures that flake off in museums
tear the devil eye
from the roof of houses
bent they wait for the underground
not guided by an invisible hand
of rites and symbols

(26th september 2004)