Re: trying to meet tina la porta

>this is a project of making a net art dialogue and a conversation in istanbul. turkey with tina la porta
as at the moment she is visiting turkey for couple of weeks

my questions are going to be as follows:
1- what do you think of your experiencs in turkey… global distances in the internet are very easily to be ignored
as for their geographical impossibilities… but mybe the world is getting much smaller not
only with your pc and also throughout all other kind of communications

2- what do you think of multi media arts ? Are you a computer artist as well ?

3 - what did you think after visiting my audio-visual art studio in Istanbul? Did you see other
turkish artists in Turkey in several art disciplines?

4- Can you describe the important aspects of your art works for the art magazines readers
in Turkey ? In the contemporary art scene, which art disciplines are comparitively very
important in your artistic career ?

5- Do you have a professionnal message about net art, throughout my possible interview
with you while you are in Istanbul, as a rhizomite for a similar length of duration since 1967!

with best regards and best hopes to get the above interview successfully being realized in
full rhyzomic degrees of