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those who tell us that empathy make us weak are afraid of what we might do about them, were we to get over ourselves and get start getting along…"


Last chance to see at The Unstitute…


Jenny Vogel
The Art of Forgetting


This month The Unstitute continues to present an edifying monthly programme of artists' videos, selected from endless electronic submissions by a series of sensitive machines in the basement. This month, we take great pride to present the meditative digital traces of 'The Art of Forgetting' by Jenny Vogel.

""High-resolution photographs of low-resolution encounters, offer a surprisingly intimate reading of a contemporary loneliness. Live streaming video projections of the one-shot-per-second progression of web cameras result in a fireworks-display of light signals as if trying to communicate in some unknown code, some unknown message. Voyeurism and self-induced surveillance through constant online exposure are the desperate desires of participation in the online world, which fails in the colloquial boredom of chat-rooms. News photographs turn the faces of individuals into abstract dots, and the identities of witnesses to wonders are erased through censorship."


With over 2,000 online visitors every month, The Projection Room at The Unstitute offers a virtual environment for creative experiments and self-empowerment over archaic creative institutions. See who has been selected this month, and find out more about their creative practice. Consider applying to the Participation programme at The Unstitute.

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Head Over Heels and Away
an Evolving [an]Archive


The 8th edition of [dis]Corporate Bodies takes its point of departure from Deleuze and Guattari; “head over heels and away” - referring to modes of escape in their ‘Kafka- Toward a Minor Literature’.

The Unstitute has assembled a group of videos that explore modes of appropriation, re-territorialisation of various archetypes, formal content and context in various urban and digitised environments. The spotlight is on nomadic figures: isolated, roughly cut out and liberated from their routine environments and concerns, these subject-bodies are scrambled and reconstructed into expression-machines and manouvered into actions in new digitized spaces.

This reconstitution enables morphing, organising and deconstructing as if these are figures that are forever escaping context, defying a straight narrative. Scrambled in time and space in the digitised present a multiplicity of new lines of flight - various modes of escape - through new forms of communication and interpretation, foregoing pre-set meanings and signifiers.

The Unstitute is excited to present participating artists: FRANCESCA FINI (Rome, Italy), CATHERINE BIOCCA (Amsterdam, Holland), KAYLE KARBOWSKI (Milwaukee, USA), MANUEL GRANADOS (Barcelona, Spain), MENA EL SHAZLY (Cairo, Egypt), OSCAR DAVID ALVAREZ (Los Angeles, USA)

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Soft Time
by The Unstitute


'Soft Time' is an obscene fragment from the project 'Physis'. Completely inert, trapped in a Dali-esque diner, a couple wrestle with the second law of thermodynamics…

Background to the project:

Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publication. The material was sent to a specialist named CADE; a catatonic who never speaks his own mind. Cade was instructed to translate the letters into VideoForm for the purpose of public dissemination.

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Open Submissions
@ The Unstitute


The Unstitute invites submissions for these projects:

The Projection Room - monthly feature screenings @ The Unstitute

[dis]Corporate Bodies - an evolving environment @ The Unstitute

Vidiot - a place for watching and being watched @ The Unstitute

Spatio-Mnemonic - take up a virtual residency @ The Unstitute

We aim to process applications within two weeks of receipt.

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