Refest Art & Technology Festival

  • Type: event
  • Location: CultureHub, 47 Great Jones, 3rd Floor, New York, New York, 10012, US
  • Starts: Nov 21 2014 at 7:00PM
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Refest is CultureHub’s annual art and technology festival celebrating the innovative work of our dynamic community. This year we dissolve the divide between audience and artist. We are pulling the curtain back, exposing the interface and encouraging festival-goers to participate and play with the art. At this year’s festival, you’ll see artists implement, subvert, and modify technological tools and frameworks. Refest celebrates CultureHub’s
mission of connecting creators from diverse disciplines and cultures and supporting artists with an environment to collaborate, experiment and explore.


7:00 Opening Reception for Exhibitions, La MaMa Galleria
▪ Nicholas Kiray, Menglong Wu, Frances Wang
▪ Luis Hernandez Galvan
▪ Kent Sheely
▪ Ivaylo Getov
▪ Sue Jeong Ka
▪ Su Hyun Nam
▪ Emilio Vavarella and Daniel Belquer
▪ Ava Ansari
▪ Yousha Bashir
▪ Mandy Mandelstein
▪ Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell

The Invisible View curated by Anna Barsan
▪ Grayson Earle
▪ Diva Helmy
▪ Ryan Raffa
▪ Matt Whitman
▪ Carmel Pryor and Jonathan Federico

8:00 WordHack, Performances and Readings from
▪ Todd Anderson
▪ Jonas Jongegan
▪ A special performance of <legend> </legend>
with Carla Gannis, Eric Rieper, Justin
Petropoulous, and Rafia Santana.

9:00 Close-up, OMTA & LeeSaar The Company

9:30 MOORI, Bubblyfish


11:00 Family-Friendly Workshop & Kids Arcade

4:00 Artist Talk and Drone Demo, Daniel Belquer and Emilio Vavarella

4:30 Artist Talk, Yousha Bashir

5:00 Surveillance Salon curated by Anna Barsan
▪ The Illuminator (Grayson Earle & Kyle Depew)
▪ exHOTic Other
▪ Students from SUNY Empire State
▪ Miki Foster

7:00 Artist Talk, INTACT Project

7:30 foci + loci performance

8:00 ArtCade curated by This Near Future


7:00 Meeting Table, Performance, Or Zubalsky

7:30 Performance, Daniel Belquer

8:00 Audio-visual Speed Dating, curated by Eric Barry Drasin
▪ Chris Botta
▪ Dylan Neely
▪ Eric Barry Drasin
▪ Beth Wexler
▪ Collin Crowe
▪ Nick Fox-Gieg
▪ Nate Crepeault

9:00 Performance, HD XD

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.