Improvised Electronics Round Robin

  • Type: event
  • Location: Culturehub, 47 Great Jones St, 3rd Floor, New York, New York, 10012
  • Starts: Sep 14 2014 at 8:00PM
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Improvised Electronics Round Robin
Sunday Sept 14 8pm
47 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012

The Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders and people experimenting with art and technology performance to workshop their projects. Performers are to play as solo instrumentalists with either audio, video, or audiovisual performance systems. Solo electronics performers set up in a circle and play short 10 minute interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion. The Round Robin strives to maintain an open atmosphere dedicated to inventive performability and signal processing systems.


Jesse Ricke “Graphic Ships”
Hans Tammen “Blippoo Box Solo”
Samuel Baumel “Thinspace”
Laura Planagracia “Median Ages”
Nathan Crepeault “Deferlow”
Gocha Tsinadze “Droneclone”
Eric Barry Drasin “The Secret Soup”
Nick Fox-Geig “Little Bird of Disaster”
Benton C Bainbridge “Gems”
Reid Bingham “Wet Electron”
Norton Antivirus “Norton Antivrus”
Jason Sherman “The LC”

Jesse Ricke
Project Name: Graphic Ships
Short Project Description
Graphic Ships is a live audio/visual event, built from interactions between audience and performers. Sound artists and musicians perform from an ever changing graphic score generated by data from the users.
Remote artists participate via telecommunication technology, the graphic score serving to connect them with the venue over global distances. The interactive visuals become a vehicle, a means to transport creativity between individuals.

Hans Tammen
Project Name: Blippoo Box Solo
The BLIPPOO BOX is an audio sound generator that operates according to the principles of chaos theory.

Samuel Baumel
Project Name:Thinspace
Short Project Description: The screen is a snow globe and we're inside. Panoramic images captured with mobile phones provide a 360 degree perspective of a place. Haphazard gestures coalesce to form rhythm. Virtual reality is animated with pinches, zooms and swipes, plucked and played.

Laura Plana Gracia
Project Name: median ages
LIVE A/V performance or installation: OpenSource Audio Works, DIY synthesizers, video loop projections. It is influenced by theories of postmodernism, postcolonialism, relies in the aesthetics of noise, it is supported by cybernetics and the relations between Art, Science and Technology. It is influenced by Political Art, Activism, Hacktivism, Human Rights and Policies of Heritage. It offers the possibility to transform reality into a more humanitarian, more ethical and balanced environment. The piece haunts a visceral soundscape in a DIY noise composition. It is an experiential environment that attempts to reconfigure the dictatorships with photojournalism and expanded video art installation with D.I.Y. Synthesizers: Oscillator with Potentiometers, capacitors, resistors and 555 chip, Arduino potentiometer and Synthrotek. Control 9V input and transform it into sound.!stigmart-artpress/c1yni

Nathan Crepeault
Project Name: Deferlow
Short Project Description: Looping / real-time processing of bass guitar and virtual percussive elements to make the weird danceable and the danceable weird. Now, put down that sammich and come get weird.

Gocha Tsinadze
Project Name: Dronclone
Short Project Description : Gocha Tsinadze aka Droneclone will construct new compositions using sample based augmentation technique, micro sampling and erroneous instrument layering coupled with field recordings and computer generated sound.

Reid Bingham
Project Name: Wet Electron
Short Project Description: Utilizing a handmade sampler and hacked electronics, Wet Electron creates looping soundscapes that crumble and morph into grey areas between noise, drone, and Casio pop. For this event he will 'play a computer' by live sampling its electromagnetic frequencies into a four track with a looping cassette tape, approximating as best he can with limited technical means, what he thinks Skrillex sounds like.

Nick Fox-Gieg
Project Name: Little Bird of Disaster
Short Project Description: Realtime drawing, sound, and puppetry…

Benton C Bainbridge
Project Name: Gems
Realtime a/v synthesis performance with modular synthesizer system

Nick Berry
project name; Norton Antivirus
"The sanity of unintended consequences… a tasty snack!"

Jason "PrKr" Sherman
The LC
Improvised soundscapes using voice manipulation and samples.
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