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doc-u is an interactive installation made up of visual self-documentation. The project exploits user-friendly technology (mobile phone cams and Macromedia Flash) to allow multiple images to be shown simultaneously. The project focuses on the beauty of the ordinary, the domestic and the lo-tech .The installation draws on popular culture and a viewer's familiarity with concepts of self-documentation, video diaries and docu- soaps to encourage participation and overcome fear of technology.

Jess Loseby and the Babylon Gallery ( have been holding workshops with schools and community groups local to the gallery using 5 mobile camera phones. The participants were asked to randomly document themselves and their environment in a set time. They were encouraged not to delete or alter any images, as part of the aesthetic of the installation was to highlight the beautiful 'accidents' and to dismiss attempts to 'make art'. The project is now open across the Internet to everyone. If you would like to participate please see the guidelines below. There is no age limit, focus or geographical restriction placed on the submissions. The youngest participant in the project is currently 3 years old - the oldest, 70!

Doc_u is online now at and will be shown at the Babylon Gallery Saturday 11 June - Sunday 24 July

Participate [and win a phone!]

doc_u is now open to anyone who would like to participate in the project. You can enter a doc_u by yourself or in small (3 or under) groups. If you would like to participate you will need:1. A mobile phone with a camera (If you live in the UK, near the Babylon gallery you can borrow a "library phone" to use in the project. Email [email protected] for more details.]2. An email account3. If you are under 16, you will also need a signed consent form from a parent or guardian. These are available at this url:

Participants will be entered into a Competition to win the 5 mobile camera and video phones used in the making of this artwork (winners from groups will still win a phone each). To be eligible for the competition you must:
a) include a contact email or phone number with your submission
b) if under 16, you must have returned a signed consent form from a parent or guardian (

Please see for guidelines, online or email submission and information.


Internet and Babylon Gallery 2005

Jess Loseby