E.S.P. Live Taping: "Model View Controller" by Erica Magrey and Jennifer Juniper Stratford

  • Type: event
  • Location: Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare St. , New York, New York, 10012, US
  • Starts: Dec 17 2013 at 5:00PM
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DISRUPT (a broadcast): with Erica Magrey and Jennifer Juniper Stratford. With additional performances by Renata Espinosa and Caro Pen Rig.

Visitors will browse a selection of corporate model androids produced by I.M.Communications, programmed with business and leadership skills, assertiveness training, and a range of social and artistic talents to ensure a well-rounded personality. Multiple levels of space, thought, and being bleed into one another in order to express, distress, and undress the I.M.Communications ethos.

This event is part of E.S.P. TV's Live Taping series at Storefront for Art and Architecture for the exhibition, BEING: 30 Years of Storefront for Art and Architecture

Come by Tuesday afternoon to the basement TV studio and be a part of the live taping.