late contribution to membership debate

Hello everyone,

Apologies for not being around for a while. I've just moved down to
Cornwall to start a new MA programme in Interactive Art & Design at Falmouth
College of Arts, and that's taken up most of my time for the last few

I've been following some of the discussions, and in particular the
Membership fee debate.

Although my contribution is a bit late, I should like to say that I consider
Rhizome to be a hugely important community and resource and am more than
willing to pay a membership fee, and whatever else it takes to help to
ensure it survives.

Jess and Lisa's conversations about 'tickets' to online lectures etc. and
'non-credit courses' - echo some ideas on the subject that I've been
thinking about over the last couple of weeks.

Does anyone think there might be enough educators out there who would be
willing to pay for 'virtual' lectures, crits etc? Artists, writers,
theorists, programmers etc. (rhizome members) could prepare sessions on
specialist topics with links to, for example, relevant works, and have them
stored in some central database. Perhaps rhizome could act as facilitator
Rhizome takes a handling fee, and the 'author' is paid a delivery fee each
time the 'session' is accessed?