BONUS LEVELS: A Collective Tower for Art Licks Weekend

  • Type: event
  • Location: The White Building, 7 Queen's Yard, London, E9 5EN, GB
  • Starts: Oct 3 2013 at 6:00PM
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BONUS LEVELS is a collaborative video game by Lawrence Lek Studio that celebrates the independent spirit of galleries and artist-run project spaces of Art Licks Weekend.

The White Building, Event Space, Queen's Yard, London E9 5EN

LAUNCH: Thur 3rd October 6-10pm |
with live audio-visual performances by Chris King & Lawrence Lek / Clifford Sage / Viktor Timofeev

EXHIBITION: Fri 4th - Sun 6th October 11-6pm

ROUNDTABLE: Sunday 6th October 3-5pm

The game revolves around a virtual tower that contains twenty-one galleries from across London, and the architecture and curatorial concept of each physical space is reflected in its virtual double.

From white cubes to dark performance spaces and psychogeographic maps, the game invites each player to explore an alternate reality. In this zone, light is saturated, sound is heightened and time and space are collapsed. Over the course of Art Licks Weekend, the tower becomes a mashup of perspectives for the digital flaneur.

Bonus Levels launches on Thursday 3 October as an immersive gaming zone, with interactive performances starting at 7pm. A Videogame Roundtable with invited participants will take place on the closing Sunday from 3-5pm. The game will also be available to play online and in the site-specific installation.

BONUS LEVELS - Participating Projects in the Tower

Level 19: Vulpes Vulpes London - Midden
Level 18: Vitrine - Emoticons for a Public Square
Level 17: Viktor Timofeev & Simon Werner
Level 16: The Institute of Jamais Vu - Beit Iksa Boys
Level 15: The Ballad of Peckham Rye
Level 14: Studio 180 - POST Artists Network
Level 13: Space Station 65 - How Do Artists Work?
Level 12: Schwartz Gallery - Beyond Duality
Level 11: Other Asias - Asia Elects
Level 10: Lubomirov-Easton: A Gesture to "The Other"
Level 9: La Scatola - Conqueror: The Mutant Red Rabbit
Level 8: Hotel Elephant - Volume & Void
Level 7: Enclave - The Starseed Transmission
Level 6: Double N/A - Anatum's Abode
Level 5: Asylum - Diseased Brethren
Level 4: AltMFA - Robinsonner
Level 3: A-Side B-Side Gallery - Girls Aren't Funny
Level 2: A Brooks Art - Opera Rose
Level 1: 38b - Augury
Level 0: Assembly - The New White Building

Game design and Installation by:
Lawrence Lek | Valentina Berardi | Elvira Grob | Clifford Sage | Andi Schmied