Mobile Obscura

  • Location:
    Caravansarai, Bankalar Cad, Banka Sok 3, Tan Han, Karaköy, Istanbul, TR

Mobile Obscura, is part of Persembe Pazari Projects, an Istanbul Biennial Parallel event.

Artist Anita Bacic will take you on a journey in her Mobile Obscura – a moving camera obscura on wheels. Take an upside down tour of Istanbul's Persembe Pazari district inside the Mobile Obscura as it roams the streets, turning reality into a full-body sensory-rich moving-image experience. Mobile Obscura has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Mobile Obscura will be around the Karaköy area.
Follow @procrastanita for information where Mobile Obscura is, or visit Caravansarai around the corner from SALT.

11 - 21 September
11am - 2pm
Mon - Sat