PENTHOUSE 4C: A Living Room for the Collective

  • Type: event
  • Location: The Barbican Centre, London, Silk Street, London, London, EC2Y 8DS, GB
  • Starts: Aug 25 2013 at 1:00PM
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Public Assembly presents Penthouse 4C, a half-size replica of the must exclusive apartment in the Barbican Housing Estate in London. During the Hack the Barbican festival in August, the installation will host Public Assembly, a nomadic platform for collective works of art.

Join us for a series of interactive events, classes, screenings, musical performances, audio-visual collaborations, hangouts, parties, meditation sessions, art critiques and domestic bliss.

PENTHOUSE 4C | Barbican Centre Foyer | 5-31 August 2013

A project by Lawrence Lek and Public Assembly

Sunday 25th August, 1-5pm
NAPATHON - Bring a Pillow: An immersive sleeping environment
Hosted by Andi Schmied & Ricardo Davila-Otoya

Wednesday 28th August, 6-10pm
PIRACY TODAY: An exhibition about copying, curated by Hardcore Software
Featuring: Geraldine Juarez | AND Publishing | Lawrence Lek | Martin Dittus

Friday 30th August, 7-10pm
SURROUND SOUND: An Audio-Visual World
A collaborative installation and performance by Lawrence Lek, Suren Seneviratne, Viktor Timofeev

Saturday 31st August, 6-10pm
VIRTUAL LIGHT: Penthouse 4C Closing Ceremony
Please join Public Assembly at Penthouse 4C where we will transform the installation into an immersive video environment. Featuring videos by artists and friends, with a soundtrack by special guest DJs.