Hijacked eBook Bestsellers As Literary Trojan Horses

Hijacked eBook Bestsellers
As Literary Trojan Horses
Ad Subsidized eBooks


Until now, books were the last advertisement free refuge.

We programmed an algorithm to automatically context-contaminate digital Text with Ad-Slogans drawn from a database.

We want to investigate possibilities of Ad-Subsidized eBooks as well as authenticity of text in Ad-driven environments by manipulating current ebook Bestsellers.

Jeff Bezos does not make a big secret that he would like to sell books for next to nothing. He clearly stated that 'advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product or service'. Which isn't a bad thing. If you know how it works.

Amazon sees the future of advertising in books and the future of books in advertising. They currently operate on device- and shop-level, but there is no doubt in-line content will be used too, opening a whole new field to generate profits: not only Reading Devices are about to become full-fledged advertising machines, but also content they're carrying. The Amazon Book Business isn't run by Bibliophiles.

Their idea is that books can be sold at nothing, given away for free — subsidized by Advertisements.

In our releases, original titles and meta data are not being changed and depending on the level we let the algorithm work, readers won't even realize any changes in the books. The DRM-cracked bestsellers are disseminated via torrents and identifiable through additional information on brands being abused.

> https://ca.isohunt.com/release/982046