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i libri d’acqua BY antonio nocera Collateral event of the 55. International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

  • Location:
    Monastery of S. Nicolò, Riviera San Nicolò, 26 - Venice Lido, Venice, IT

The exhibition “I Libri d'acqua” by Master Antonio Nocera has opened as a Collateral Event of the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia.
Upon invitation of EIUC (European Inter-University Centre For Human Rights and Democratisation) and of the Municipality of Venice, for the first time the exhibition “I libri d'acqua” is on view, curated by Professor Louis Godart and Laura Fusco.
The works are exhibited at the Monastery of St. Nicolò at Venice Lido, and they can be viewed for free from June 1st to November 24th, 2013.

The artist has drawn on the thousand-year-old Venetian artisan skill in the use of precious materials such as glass and paper. The exhibition features a big sculpture/installation located in the central open-air area of the claustrum of the Monastery and about twenty artist books, of different sizes and shapes, on view in transparent cases that seem to be floating in mid-air in the cloister. The central installation, titled “Il libro dell’acqua”, is made of 22 painted aluminum panels, each one connected to the other, and resting on an iron platform sized 400x400 cm, full of glass of different blue shades. It is a big open book that seems to be rising from the sea waters and stand out against the sky. Glass, iron and paper are the materials dominating the exhibition together with the blue color of the artworks.

The artist focuses on the issue of migration. At the core of his reflection lies the importance of human mobility as the expression of the fundamental freedom of movement and the aspiration to emancipation through the journey.

The project “I libri d'acqua” is included into the theme developed in recent years by the artist in “Oltre il nido”, a project born from the reflection on the concept of home as a primary aspiration and a fundamental right of the human being, symbolically represented by the nest. The latter was also presented in 2010 in Rome at Trajan's Market in the presence of the Head of State Giorgio Napolitano, who congratulated Antonio Nocera on the current exhibition.
During the whole period of the exhibition the public will be able to visit the artist’s atelier, made available by the Monastery, where a great number of the works were made. An immersion into the creative process and perhaps a chance to meet the Master at work.

In his works the Master has focused on some crucial issues concerning the fundamental rights of the human being, which have led him to collaborate with corporations, public institutions and international organizations (European Parliament, UNESCO, UN, UNICEF, INCA) on the issue of rights.

The areas dedicated to the exhibition “I libri d’acqua” will also be the setting where, on July 13th, the yearly Diplomatic Conference organized by EIUC will take place, a unique moment of dialogue and reflection on the issue of human rights in which international scholars and diplomats will participate.

VENUE Monastery St. Nicolò - Riviera San Nicolò, 26 Venice Lido
OPENING HOURS every day from Monday to Friday 9-13 and 14-17
Saturdays 10-17 (closed on Sundays)
closed from August 5 to August 15, 2013
HOW TO GET THERE waterbus stop “Lido”, then bus line “V” at minutes 00 20 40


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