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Instant Places - Elastic Planets

  • Location:
    NAISA Space, 601 Christie Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 4C7, CA

NXNE Art (Installation)

Jun 11 to 16, 12-4 pm (M-F); 10-3 (Sat)
June 20 to 22, 12-4 pm (Thurs-Fri); 10-3 (Sat)
Admission by donation

ELASTIC PLANETS is an audiovisual machine that generates infinitely varied digital paintings in concert with a multichannel soundscape. Layers of morphing spheroid colour fields spawn halos of afterimage traces, as the audio score composes itself from colliding harmonics that mesh into a
saturating sound field. Instant Places is Ian Birse & Laura Kavanaugh Through the 1990's Ian Birse made performances for altered guitars, spoken words, and analog video. He has been making tools for virtual visual sonics since the turn of the century. Laura Kavanaugh is an improvisor who works between music, noise, light, and the shapes of things. She was active in interdisciplinary circles in Edmonton and Calgary, making performance works for samplers, overhead projectors, piano and voice, before taking Instant Places on the road with Ian for five years.