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  • Location:
    The Esplanade Tunnel, 1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore, Singapore, 038981, SG

The search engine: an infinite information machine. Our dependence on it has transformed the way we perceive space, exploration and information sources. The concept of searching has been removed from the physical and transported into the virtual in this day and age.
Search.Transmit looks to transform the Esplanade Tunnel into a reflection of this infinite virtual space. It is a multimedia installation which seeks to address the domestication of the human mind with the over-dependence of search engines. Explorations into our daily movements; the funnelled linearity of our migration from mobile to desktop and vice-versa are testament to how footsteps are just a mechanised mode of transportation. Walk in a physical space, disconnected from our spatial surroundings but with the constant thought of "I'm feeling lucky" resonating within. Where are you now?
You are here.