MyMirror City at the Copenhagen Art Festival

  • Type: event
  • Location: Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Nikolaj Plads 10, Copenhagen, DK - 1067, DK
  • Starts: Aug 24 2012 at 6:00PM
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Will Pappenheimer with Manifest.AR for the “Conversations” exhibition at the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

Superflex (DK), Lise Harlev (DK), Otto Karvonen (FI), Manifest.AR (var. nationalities), Dias & Riedweg (BR/ CH), Song Dong (CH), Raqs Media Collective (IN), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MEX/CAN), Katarzyna Kozyra (PL), Mohamed Bourouissa (F) and Kutlug Ata- man (TUR), and more

MyMirrorCity transforms the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center Nikolaj Church building, the surrounding area and as much of Copenhagen as possible into a city of mirrored buildings. Participants take a picture of themselves (or any image of their desire), upload it, and it then appears on every facet of all the buildings around them in augmented reality space. When a second person uploads their image, it appears on alternate building facets such that a self-image dialogue is created. The cityscape, now viewed through the cell phone or ipad, is a multi faceted architecture of this interpersonal relationship of image exchange and juxtaposition. The project harnesses the widespread use of instant cell phone snapshots, uploaded to social media space as self reflection, as momentary chronological diary, as personal broadcast, as response. This daily practice, this obsession, is here writ large. Participants leave their building sized images until the next users decide to add their own. A dialogue from one person to another is created through the ubiquitous presence of the last two participant's imagery.

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