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Remitting Default: Sonic Diagrams – Kenya (Robinson)

  • Location:
    Recess, 41 Grand Street , New York, NY , New York, 10013, US

On July 6, 2012, Kenya (Robinson) will report back from the midway point of her time spent as the inaugural artist in Recess’s online residency program, Analog. Over the past year, the artist developed Remitting Default: A Psycho-economic Performance of Getting Skooled. This project records her experience as a black MFA student at Yale University while struggling to maintain her personal finances and secure fiscal support. Rendering her private education public, (Robinson) posted a daily record of the available balance in her personal checking account, This information is fully accessible at recessanalog.org.

To mark the midpoint of this durational performance of the mundane, on July 6th, (Robinson) will again transcend privatized aspects of culture and language in an attempt to present her own “personal fiscal rhythm,”1, She invited five artists to translate her year’s worth of numerical data into sound. These collaborators will present audio material that references the dichotomies of vulnerability and empowerment, digital and analog.

1. Kenya (Robinson), June 13 2012
As performed by: Kevin Beasley, Christine Sun Kim, Eric Mack, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Kenya (Robinson), Tim Wilson