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Paris Logement

  • Location:
    La Pépinière Mathis, 07 rue Mathis, Paris, 75019, FR

‘Paris Logement’ will give residents in the 19th arrondissement a platform
to discuss urban planning, housing and infrastructure in France. Films and photographs taken by residents, exploring these issues will be screened
and discussed during the seminar.

The event is part of the ongoing project, Paris 19: Mobility, Memory & Migration. Photography and film have been utilised to explore how collective memories
could become socially embedded in architectural and spatial frameworks.
Generating productive experiences that activate new oral/visual discourse
about spatial division, social conflict/cohesion, assimilation, integration,
citizenship and migration in contemporary French society.


Paris 19: Mobility, Memory & Migration is collaboration between Abbas Nokhasteh (Openvizor), Dr. Moustafa Traoré (An Open Eye), David Kendall (CUCR, Goldsmiths, University of London), Bakary Sakho (BGA) and filmmaker Andrés Borda-González.

This is a free event - further Information: www.anopeneye.org