C.R.E.A.M. curated by Lindsay Howard

C.R.E.A.M. showcases the work of artists who are politically engaged in open source art & technology while using their creative practice to address issues related to the monetization of net-based work. The pieces subvert existing models, create new ones, and draw inspiration from e-commerce, software piracy, crowdfunding, computer viruses, and various approaches to digital rights management.

Greg Leuch (Live Artist Talk April 24th 4pm PST)
Aram Bartholl
Lucy Chenin & Emilie Gervais
Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach
David Horvitz (Live Artist Talk April 24th time TBD)
0-Day Art

Wednesday April 11th, 2012 7:00pm EST
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center (New York, NY) or Online

Join curator Lindsay Howard and 0-Day art, a warez group focused primarily on the acquisition and distribution of net art, as they talk about ideas behind monetization and limiting access to art work on the internet.