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Ideasonair App limited edition OUT NOW!

Dear friends,
my web project "ideasonair.net-blogging as an open
art project" is now at the hundredth idea. I'll be glade to share with
you a LIMITED EDITION (just for 100 devices) of the ideasonair
IPhone-APP (you'll NOT find it on the apple store) I've made just for
you, with an ad-hoc distribution.
In order to create an Apple
electronic certificate for the ad-hoc distribution, I need to add to the
certificate (then, you can ins…tall
and synchronize the App directly through your ITunes) also you
identifier device number, is a long number that you can see, copy and
paste, when the IPhone is connected to the ITunes.
So, if you like to have the Ideasonair's App, please send me soon your device id number!
Thank you very much for being with us since 2005!
Best regards, Chiara
is a web based project that serves digital artists. The site promotes
artistic ideas created by me in various fields, especially for digital
art. Therefore: “Dear artists, poets,architects, designers, critics,
curators and ‘lovers of the trade’, if you are short of ideas this is
the site for you!” Here, the ideas from ‘Hyperuranium’ have landed and
found a place or better a virtual factory. Ideasonair.net creates for
you a lot of different ideas ready to be developed. Ideasonair has a
particular theory about ideas and how we perceive them: “ideas are in
the air and the earth is spinning around connecting with these ideas at
various places. So an identical idea could land or be had in New York
and Rome at the same time”. This site could be considered somewhat like
entropy. It puts in order and gives shapes to ideas. This online factory
is continually updated to always give artists new ideas.
appear in the site in three different stages. The first stage is purely
preliminary and the idea is just a clue in their primordial state, maybe
not yet able to be developed. The second stage we can call (as Freud
would call it) the ‘daydream’ stage. This is the stage in which the
various elements that constitute an idea come in contact and come to
realization. The third stage deals with the complete idea ready to be
developed. The three stages are marked on title by their respective
colours: red when the idea is in the initial stage, orange when it is in
the ‘daydream’ stage and green when it is ready to work.
Finally artist doesn't need to fight for any ‘copyright’, ‘copyleft’, ‘copydown’ !!!
is a conceptual artwork in progress that puts in evidence the concept
of ‘open artwork’ getting ideas and waits for their realization. Moral
of the fable: The ideas are the artwork and they can be transmitted…
just like the thought!