Augmented Reality Tour, gradually melt the sky, NYC

  • Type: event
  • Location: 54 Maujer St, Brooklyn, New York, 11206, US
  • Starts: Apr 30 2011 at 12:30PM
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Please join us for a guided tour of some of the artists works in situ in NYC for the gradually melt the sky show at Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn
To view works through a  smart phone you will need a iPhone (3Gs or 4) or a recent Android, or you can look over someone's shoulder!
We will use 2 free applications from the app store: 
Search, download and install
- Layars (Augmented Reality Browser)
- iParade
go to URL: and add as a Bookmark or Homescreen
Map and Information:,-74.006782&spn=0.01333,0.01929&z=16
12:30 p.m.- 1 PM
Meet in front of The Pace Gallery, 545 West 22nd St, Chelsea
load Layars APP and access needed layers at:
Gallery Infestations Tour, Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman
2 PM 
20th St. and 10th Ave., High Line entrance
Sky Pavilions Vs. Dewanatron 
follows High Line down to 17th St.
walk to 10th St.
3 PM
corner of Weehawken St. and Christopher St.
LoVid - iParade
load the app and get ready for the iParade
Walk on Christopher Street to the Christopher Street-Shenden Square No. 1,2 trains uptown to 14th St. Tunnel to six Avenue L Train to Union Square
4:30 PM
Union Square tour led by Mark Skarek, John Craig Freeman and other artists present. Includes work byPatrick Lichty, Alan Sondheim, John Craig Freeman, 4 Gentleman