ArtBase Announcements

Attention Rhizomers,

As part of our recent effort to encourage discussion within the community
about the new work entering the Rhizome ArtBase, we are going to start
posting new additions to the archive to the list.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to look at some of the work
currently being made by members of the Rhizome community.

If you would like to submit an art object for possible inclusion in our
archive, please review the selection criteria and fill out the short
web-based form at:

Warm regards,

Alena Williams
ArtBase Coordinator
[email protected]


, Marisa Olson

Hi. Some of you may have noticed fluctuations in the Artbase
announcements going to Raw. We experienced a temporary interruption in
the sending of these messages, but they've been restored in the course
of Patrick's many major upgrades to the Artbase.

Please stay tuned for his announcements about that in his next
quarterly Director of Technology report. We're also currently giving
some thought to the best way to manage communication about new Artbase
additions, on our lists, publications, and site.

Meanwhile, you might also note that you can subscribe to an RSS feed
for Artbase additions, here:

Best regards,

+ + +
Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator
Rhizome at the New Museum