Gil Houldcroft Jacobs Moscovich Neumann Yadao _ Made Space

Gil Houldcroft Jacobs Moscovich Neumann Yadao _ Made Space

Friday · 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Diapason Gallery
882 3rd Ave., between 32nd and 33rd St, 10th floor
Brooklyn, NY

Wolfgang Gil, Real-time OCTOphonic Router (ROCTOR, custom software)
Travis Houldcroft, laptop
Nisi Jacobs, video RGBA to sound converter
David Moscovich, microphone, fiction, vocalization
Daniel Neumann, microphones, mixing board, 4-channel PA
Tamara Yadao, generational speech synthesis

We are happy to invite you to the presentation of the results of the first time running 5-day intensive workshop in Modular Collaboration. The six participants are working together to create individual sound works under an overall theme that will culminate in the live performance this Friday, in which all the works are presented simultaneously as part of a larger piece utilizing the full capacity of Diapason’s special multi-channel sound systems. Starting from thinking about the differences between places and spaces participants are working on digital color space, text as a place, the narrow border between stable and unstable conditions, re-spatialization, speech synthesis, and on transient extraction as a form of de-/re-contextualizing.*

Looking forward to see you there!

*) Thoughts are subject to change.