Announcing: \_feralC\_ - A Socumentary

At: http://netwurker.net
Commissioned by: Arnolfini http://www.arnolfini.org.uk/
Hosted by: Alias Frequencies http://aliasfrequencies.org/

\_feralC\_ is a socumentary* which is textually driven by the
interactions of five Twitter chars [primary characters or entities]
and their Pupa Mistress [PM]. The PM initially functions as a Twitter
based information hub for the interactions between the chars and other
contributing entities [such as yourself]. These additional
contributing entities, or secondary chars, may or may not be
biological-based: please note that Synthetic individuals may
contribute to the project’s tweet flow. Please play nice with the

As the five primary chars [PCs] are unveiled, “audience” members are
encouraged to participate in the project’s flow by following and
responding to each individual char via Twitter. If you are
tweet-responding, please make sure to tag your tweets with the #feralC
hashtag. And be warned: if you choose to actively participate you’ll
be drawn into the narrative flow - including episodic summaries posted
at netwurker.net. If you don’t want your input to be incorporated in
this fashion, please message the PM directly or via her email.

If engagement isn’t high on your list, feel free to absorb the feralC
Tweet list and/or blog entries and contribute via comments instead.
For more comprehensive information on how to participate, please visit
the Instructions Page at: http://netwurker.net/instructions/

"\_feralC\_ uses Twitter as its principle story-telling medium. The
\_feralC\_ story develops as the 5 primary chars [characters] chat and
interact through their tweet dialogues:
@Hud Ballardrina
@Shadow McClone
@Miss Stressa
@Quentin Reader

The story unfolds via live Sessions where both primary chars and
secondary chars [see below] engage with each other. These Sessions
normally last between 1 - 2 hours. Check the Welcome Page
http://netwurker.net/ for regular updates regarding Session times.
Each Session is monitored and recorded by the Pupa Mistress - a
“Behavioural Augmentologist” who oversees the chars through her
Twitter stream…Pupa also analyses and summarises char [inter]actions
via various blog posts featured on the Welcome Page: these are
categorised by Series, Episode and Session numbers.

As \_feralC\_ is dynamically designed to incorporate audience responses,
the developing story will also be shaped by you and others who choose
to participate [you're "secondary chars" or [b]SCs[/b]]. Primary chars may
also respond sporadically to you - the secondary chars - outside
scheduled Session times, so don’t be shy in responding through replies
at any time. In order to become part of the dialogue and contribute to
the storyline, please make sure to tag your tweets with the[b] #feralC[/b]
hashtag if contributing via Twitter. If you’re not a Twitter user you
can still participate via comments on this blog [please still include
the text "#feralC" in your comment if you're directly addressing or
responding to a char] or email the PM with questions or contributions.

An easy way to passively follow all 5 chars and their collective
dialogue is to regularly check in with the \_feralC\_ Twitter list:
http://twitter.com/pupa\_mistress/feralc . You can also search for
updates on the project via Twitter by typing in “#feralC” into the
Search bar. There are various clues peppered throughout the project
that are designed be pieced together to develop the story. Please
actively question the chars and openly speculate regarding how these
elements fit and shape the storyline. There’ll also be elements that
you’ll encounter during \_feralC\_ that incorporate Augmented Reality
and QR Code technology.

Please be patient while the story unfolds: the project is designed to
progress over the long term. Most of all, be curious, search for clues
and enjoy delving into the \_feralC\_ world: the chars [well at least
*most* of them] don’t bite…"


* “A “socumentary” is an entertainment form that merges Choose Your
Own Adventure /Alternate Reality Drama/Social Game and Social
Networking conventions. The result is a type of synthetic mockumentary
that exists entirely within social media formats.