Recombinant Serendipity (UCSD ICAM Senior Show)

UCSD Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts Major (ICAM)
+ Media Major Senior Project
San Diego California
Monday June 8th, 2009 - Friday June 12th, 2009

As the coordinator of ICAM for the Visual Arts department (and on behalf of many colleagues with a particular shout out to my Music Department other, ICAM Music coordinator Peter Otto, and recognizing our future ICAM colleagues from the UCSD Department of Theater and Dance), I'm pleased to announce to the world this year's graduating class of ICAMerals. ICAM students operate in the productive overlap of art making betwixt and between the nominal "creative arts" disciplines combined with generous doses of computer science, producing a wide range of work that addresses new possibilities for art making. The range of work is astounding this year, especially considering it is one undergraduate major: installation, performance, mixed reality, new music (including computer controlled gas powered motors), reactables, locative media, gadgets (mice controlled robots, anyone?), Computer Games (including sound controlled pong), data visualization, gadgets galore, curatorial efforts (this year's events are curated by Holly Wang as her senior ICAM project) and even new technologies such as active noise cancellation, and a software system that allows installation artists to synchronize flash animations with media running on a mobile phone. Not to mention, many fine works of time-based, screened works by students from our separate Media Major. Two galleries, two theaters, and many performative works in public space. Receptions, refreshments and surely many teary good-byes.

If you are in or near San Diego next week, please feel warmly welcomed to stop by for any of the listed events. Contact me (stalbaum [at] youcanfigureoutthispartyes? [dot] edu), and I'll show you around.
Monday June 8, 2009 - Friday 12, 2009.


ICAM.install located at:
Mandeville Annex Gallery (June 8-12)
Calit2 Black Box Theatre (June 10-12)

Keynote Speakers:
Tana Sprague (June 10, 6pm Calit2 Auditorium)
Naut Humon (June 12, 1:30pm CPMC Experimental Theatre)

Event Schedule

Monday June 8
Opening Reception - 5pm, Mandeville Annex Gallery

Wednesday June 10
Black Box Opening Reception - 5pm, Calit2 Black Box Theatre
Keynote+Best_of Presentations (Part 1) - 6pm, Calit2 Auditorium

Thursday June 11
Media Film Screenings - 6pm, Calit2 Auditorium
Media Reception - 8pm, Calit2 Auditorium

Friday June 12
Keynote+Best_of Presentations (Part 2) - Friday June 12, 1:30pm at CPMC Experimental Theatre
Closing Reception - Friday June 12, 4pm at CPMC Courtyard Party - Friday June 12, 8pm at CPMC Experimental Theatre

Special thanks go to a lot of people, too many to list here! See