percy davis

1verseobject #001 (excerpt)

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50 how to have tits played choice eat watched protection collect pump

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, august highland

PERCY davis
1verseobject #156

1 to make confidence –" emergency-hung squeezing downwards tighter
body. time finally cultivated
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50 ha! thought really ought to take orientation life one this one days.

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, august highland

PERCY davis

1 torsion body receive opening pussy. now turned 180 degrees sabca
2 mirsip/elkan program lake differently recording belgium week religion
3 bath-house each one village. tilly passes almost "sherlock holmes
4 driving mr. brewster " mean mr. ripley clearly outlined approximately
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12 minutes. apparatus weigh joe?" " precisely tried heave one up " norris
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15 more superficial fibers phrases race duodenum deeper exstipulate.
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17 endospermic. ceylon eastern asia australia. boards: wizards nba mr.
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19 leaves ligulate stipulate indehiscent . description hull m88 m88a1
20 form preparation rolled come city – nothin' - -" wave heart legends
20 you can
21 nancy non-endospermic winged tropical america. subclass to have
22 produced " thought again complaint " mean girl. "uncle told more table
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42 madame la marquise leaning automobiles. impacts this one compounds
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44 hair. legends essie " asked easily jump migration period collect
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lundy ale-
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49 th' extended language lifted head rank madeleine's cunt left
50 points precisely 4. time season. that which each one pleasantly healer

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