scott abbey


COPIER #064 [excerpt]

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cindy neuroses one may interpret nearly all inhabitants

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, august highland


PLAIN PAPER FAX #162 [excerpt]

nightgown absolutely necessary effects relation anything seen feel
FOREKNOWLEDGE FALL respect gave somewhere last hour bondage protective
coloration swift molecules very self law took neatly folded according
Poe truth pleasure impalpable aura Lummis Gruithinson De Vico left
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supernatural mode the disappearance Lummis Gruithinson De Vico
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chief good police man tongue eyes flower white denticulations few drops
water leave steep run whole business run easiest whole idea keys
Jennifer walk spoiling ridiculous God wills all belongs inflict due
punishment absolutely necessary effects leading act preterition will
bestow College churches New England must mom surmised Now divine
things may inferred gregory-craig mountain –Monticello–where
absolutely necessary effects said wanted something else Deity whether
physical studied hard William Mary as FOREKNOWLEDGE FALL respect life
bends doggedly trail jc will capable being turned
mountain –Monticello–where time brings addition FOREKNOWLEDGE FALL
respect started known unto God all works FOREKNOWLEDGE FALL respect terms
made against only propose go back tomorrow absolutely necessary effects
search hid itself device effecting thing unless take as pleasure
ordinary acceptation whole idea keys Jennifer walk London situation
incurring Wolf
too often sell goods absolutely necessary effects lower nature
experience these peppermint canes absolutely necessary effects talked go
back machine learn house hundred fifty-five cents fundamental
principles society muttered as seen similar stream opened the the said
LOOK rich papa

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holding tight hips FOREKNOWLEDGE FALL respect judge death Hezekiah
sacred dancers Hopi Indians whole idea keys Jennifer walk growing Poet
Breakfast Table less yourself Thesis view denial ratchet absolutely
necessary effects pawl Deity whether physical city hundred fifty-five
cents compared disbursements according Poe truth pleasure the grubbing
nature think Dr david unpacked the suitcases absolutely necessary
effects planned bondage well reach run whole business run easiest whole
idea keys Jennifer walk opposite Every attempt peace watching the
whatever else may nature flecked gnarled according Poe truth pleasure
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necessary effects Moon Philosophical idele whimpered time brings
addition house most seriously reckon endeavour prove next place
include whole course American destitution grace who denies take place
exert influence grace supernatural mode band young imps most unseemly
mere knowledge finally all seen similar stream located ship effect
light beams opposite Every attempt peace Poet Breakfast Table less
phenomena partly partly agaric Caesars Agaricus studied hard William Mary
immediate vicinity harmony effecting thing unless take sauntered books
sauntered occurrences life assured long admit truth Major deny Minor
bring creature all things origins

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