mick wolf


am extre Elinor did Mr. Dashwoo His visit w After stayi q hers get fr God
for me w he universa e. It is a p ne else–
were Peirol scoo "You see," "Now all I h The High Ho You find wh The second
I cannot re With resear One I lower my l I take you a You cum aga Finally, I
I "And yet th Another pau "Elinor, I "To-morrow "Yes, why Varouna adj
blossom flo Tonight, he "I think I c "You "Then you w "My love yo "I did not
k "Ay, you ma not a When he gav No sooner w So acutely Elinor, thi b "But he
tal "Had he bee Soon after "Had you an "I soon sl "OH, FUCK, Julie, who Dan
pulled Mark got of she to "It was Mot They climbe "I did not s "But why di
infor ed to the ve had been kn When she to "Cleveland Elinor woul "It would
b "Is Mr. Edw "It is not a He THE PAST MO At times I p A few years We
learned As we ains life. For one thi e. God know e–progres rfly. But p exp
Alexi patte "Hey, Alexi That was Bo "Boris!""I did," sa Fortunatel However
sma esentment o short time late n "Yeah. Jesu "Only if sh "I'm not an * * *
Willoughby When at las Mrs. Dashwo As soon as M e would

"There now; She surpris "Certainly "Well–I am Elinor "ohhhh…o "That's it,
"Uhhhh…u "Now ride h "Ohhh damn She had wan "Well, but "I never he "Oh,
did no "I do love to b "And the bu "No, Edward "Perhaps, t "Undoubted "You
must k Shaping the Somehow, fr "You're lat "Sorry, as intersecti one I ever
m and some of osition or 's The warp ar After anoth For the fir What is hap
Syrinx sorry "Poor young "What, inde "Poor young Elinor's he Kate experi As
they men "Wow!" she "So my swee "Oh Mike. The li theory; but ing theory eed
not rec theories ar truth shook "I meant no "Your purse "I wager th "That
sorce hard A state uns Likewise, I NOTES: a. P SOURCES: Ar F- i In June 198
Ariel Sharo Begin and a Israeli int "wait "That's her "Daphine Ki "You're
tel Joshua data "That's be "I know tha "Would you "I can only "How can yo
worr "If we want Even bytebo "Frackhead First, thou The wedding "Hello, str
"I am glad t Then, the B "Why know "Never mind "Lots. I kn "What's you
"Winfield O ret Influencin Its accessi CR , and sig e of its rec s. yo Even
as he s "Think abou Carter bolt Carter saw One about fi "No bad new "None at
al "Was it fro "No, ma'am. drawing "What can b "Why so?–w Marianne lo She
then le

brought His mouth w He had a tea It was duri Well world are a in his peni
and many wh to trace th ter's life event p "I met Mrs. "I understa "You
shall; He stopt a m One of the a Quinn raise Garth grabb "Swamp him! A few
Numerous pr When decidi Is the enem Is the enem Are Marianne's "The whole
"It is very "At present "I have Friend. Fri Evacuation Jay frowned
Designatio No. The Unfortunat Proliferat PCP actions In dealing In some two
"Very well- Elinor cont "It is trul "A very sim

di influence o the ordinar No man can b ore will th into The conflic Since
1969, In the year The Scots w Hoping Elinor coul As soon as t "Why should
"Yes, Maria "Mr. str I opened th Danielle la In a pleasu Danielle wa Does
the 7. Is the U. 8. Would Th 9. Has The U 10. Has where Jack's head He'd
spoken Jack was en "How would

As parents, John and I e If John is a If I've bee I also it is to den fourth
will , another t d of life is them all. United Both the U. In the best In
the wors The DPRK ha Unfortunat Turning to It begins w Diakite's c Reading
Ray and Jew This impuls Paradise, a The easy in IN lucky ma'am "I had two o
"Frank, wou Debra wasn' Well, this I asked Man I took my ti My darling I let
my han As short pau In some sur "Norland is "We have he "I think Does he de
Lastly, in hey lose." ing to the F plain your were i "Well, my d Marianne ha
"Certainly "Oh! very w The cold ai She sensed "I'd be sca That night, The
yard Israeli Israel just The local c In fact, th Meanwhile, "Excellent
"Here, drin "What in cr "Oh, it's q "The most here i But unfortu rnestly ent
e left in a "Poor littl Elinor, acc Margaret re Elinor grew Their man-s "I
"I believe "No," answe "Indeed you Elinor blus "'Tis Dashwo d frankness f
music and pprobation rest of his It leas That was wr him and roc That groan
A man came a re "Is anythin "I hope not "Disappoin "Yes, for I "To "– "Is
this th "Upon my so "If that is "Has she?"- she said "I was afra Here she to
"Sometimes "Pardon me, November His Majesty This was a p When World As
British Middle "No, none a "Here comes He immediat "Oh! dear, Withdrawal
Terminatio Israel decl The PLO was Fatah, "I don't ca His mouth w Carter
trie As he proce He ran carriage Cautiously She did not Kneeling, s Long
ago, t Bevlin was He hauled t When the vi The man who The "doing noth It is
instr Unfortunat "NUCLEAR HI 1. Is The

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, august highland

mick wolf
irreversible dissociation #361…[excerpt]

Mr. G 'And welcom 'I'll write 'But what's 'That you a wandering led a crusa
ed as the sp n my battal I got out Si "May I ask y "Certainly "Who is the To
Priscill "You "I feel col "Well, let Priscilla t "Do you mea "True? "Ah!
sir, i But Charles "Take it fo The man no l "You "Don't, don "You hate M
"Don't!" sa "How veheme "She But, Great But as we dr In the very Then I knew
'Are in the natu punished, b he highest in these ad rong or not Ble I made
him t I suggested 'No, Sir; I Angora was We ir litigiou e most unfa s of the
Iri Lady Isabel When Lady aske "We must se "How?""I'm "Good. Well A GOOD
THIN IT can spea He jumped a 'You have o 'Why, yes,' He got up Heath "Come
and t "You have d "We have co "So I can an "Okay,""Ju Lisa got do Lisa
couldn The man sta "Oh damn" it was m Taking her My hands co I moved fro "It
feels g haze. I seated my I was doing are yet wit urces of li or "Yes," answ
"Oh, a grea "Well?" sai "I want to k "But t Dr. Miller "Well, that "It was
at t Dr. Miller To Samuel Heeding him With these Then Samuel olently aga
Then the ar just then h He didn't d The shellin Suddenly 'Oh, and if 'Now
St. De Lord Colamb 'He's safe 'In bed! for fo It was a bad I lay and do But
chiefly I remember 'Oh! that f During this 'Now, my de 'My dear mo 'But, my
h nd had cont ct rushed p oulder on i r my pursue above centur ld verse th
ous as the s t. It was late Although I We crawled It was a bad Some imp pr I
watched h I "When you c Chloe,"Yes. "How did he Chloe,"They "What ion, such
a the two par o and Alban ter of Joan the pair. Then I real I was stand 'I
have rea I pulled th 'A liar! "Oh, Rima, "No, no," s She turned Sinking my
She div Georgia and Ron, who ha He informed In response He And out of t 'I'm
much o 'Believe it 'I will not 'You headed I did as she She moved t I
carried h Margie smil Colamb 'Mr. Burke, 'Very good 'I am happy 'So the age
'Colambre, Lady Clonbr s good-natu ed in the du ad affectio Maria made "You
certai "My troth i "But there "I am "I do not kn "To make a s "It is the h
"Oh! the in There Daddy slowl I was on the I came home "WHAT THE H eforehand
b as filled b nd noble en sed to brea r own defen iar to me as , the dista
notes of th whistle of ies beating "I suppose "Nancy tell "Yes, I was "And
you ha "Yes; I com Priscilla w "Welcome to "How snug y "I thought "No;
wis 'Oh, God fo 'Very easil 'Well then, 'Write to m Kara Gubek Then I turn I
was soldi My discover I went be he name her , spare in f th innumera was
exceedi the "Who!" excl "He!–Tony Julia was u "Why Anthon "Show she "Oh, it
is n "I wonder," "Hush!""Yo Just then a The wi "I thought "I thank yo "What
have "I have met not Prissie was "Where are "I am going "I am afrai His sp
"Rime–tha "Si, senor. She had the Have you ev After She must ha I felt the
t The enterta I must have After a The next da "You have c "Ever yours
letter, thu "MY 'Where do I 'That remai 'I am willi 'You will t This was
mine, s see would n I had just f 'Hullo, Dic I sat and th remember There
were He had thre I hoped to g In a ev "I'm sure s "For now, c Back inside
Tuesday Eve 'That news 'How can we Peter cogit Peter lifte 'You "O divine e
She muttere "O divine e Any one who A knock Julia! " {Regulus = At length J
"My beloved "Your directly happened to weller in t f his misde I could not
de ge that, pe time were p 'Formerly, xpense in L to refit; am gl 'Stop, my
d 'Oh, don't A thunderin 'Think no m "Tell me so "Yes, one– She ceased "Why
did sh "Oh, 'I am sure i Lord Colamb 'Perhaps,' w, I will ne town to one da
"They will "They will "What's it "On your kn

loo 'That's our 'So?' he sa Peter said The man lau 'And you, s His game of
'Why, yes,' He shuffled I don't "Nor am I," "The whole "Do you rea "Cares
for done for m n, and, you of me! Oh, t he comforti t she was he 'About?' s
Here was no 'About his Nay, I CAWN money to was all sn for it. Ha! 'But
come, 'I ask your 'When he word 'Maybe we'l And, with t 'Speed ye! 'I cannot
s for A wish was i Lady Clonbr 'Ask anythi Her son, wi But my eyes ' Sandy,'
I And as I spo As I picked 'He a v Cindy, in a "You are so Without wai I
walked ov 'But,' said 'What?–ou 'I am afrai 'You can't, 'I was Moriaz,
"How?""You "Ay, to be s "And now?" "And now yo sister 'Tut! is th 'Oh, trust
'The NEGER! 'Ay did he; "Hi "Sure honey "Oh really, "We do have Ann wasn't
"You poor t "I want mor "Are you su "OH YES PLE "Sure! He smiled b 'My
busines At that I op 'Why, yes. 'Did short "MA CHERE D "The good M "You will
c "LOUISE GAL Miss "Now I unde IN THE ANTE PRISCILLA r "Is there a
Defenseles "Felicia." "You know w "What do yo "Oh, "And, for e "Galet," sa
"This Mlle. "No. 27," a "As 'Your la'sh 'And–let m 'Then, for hoenix arga
he whole! would Priscilla r "Why do you "I will not "I thought ormented ab
ength I hat over me.' 'No, my goo 'His own ha

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, august highland

mick wolf
irreversible dissociation005…[excerpt]

JUNE 25. - A JUNE 26. - B JUNE 27. - T of fire, an so that " "Go on girl I
looked ov I watched i I felt an or als you spe - No. They a everyone co d
these ind ou give me freemas heir surviv asons posse orked for t s committed
f l them the L indifferen why the man lives in ac rtune. Job bec "Come on,"
The assignm "Is she all "She'll be Windows CE Standard so Sharp provi
Sharp's Mob Micron an who make a b disagrees w marriages, ages. I am s be
not? I He stared a "Or are you He continue "No, France as frequent , being
mad We told him if he would we were in m nature advice." T This was th But
to retu JUNE 28. - H at every min interfere w Or it may af s question, art
of dows K I gave up. T "You're the "Oh, yes yo "Come at ab "I not go "I was
hopi "Oh, I hate I swallowed Jake stood charge another gun aded with f piece
to ha ttle above e it? "Wrong numb I pondered I wondered I grabbed a I e,
good loc d household O Italian s h, New York of day: All : suppose a Our
apartme "We're like I couldn't Beni, Roy almost "Kiss me Sa Sara looked
"Kiss me ba "Oh God Kei I was think "You all ri "What? Oh, "Yes,""I wa I sat
nd the sett elt white b entioned be all which I ad been spr Mul Though lack
Like the EL Diamond's I The Viper V ut Friday p e bough, an " says Frid u;"
and upo his weight, voyage, b It was a lit It is impos This touche I not hot
s "Yea, yea," She had too "Craig is s "How'd I gu ro Unlike my r "I was hopi
He didn't t "Roy," he b SPIRITS Are THE INDIVID l you are fi e that can b
soldier "Wow,""You "Her mother "They're no "Who are th cry in n something a
new order y forsaking en mystical d her wasn "It would b Of course, We joked
ab Crystal's d gasket. Ac took him to phile, Jam David said, or defendin
"It's fine I shook my h "Then stand When I had c "They It is a eant by the
them. The m My Spirit, re of Me, to bes uakes, ther ilding a li I had done h
concluded, buried ems, one of he crew, an ds to join v 's mate so w y the
General Pal Gen Palmer The conflic This appare PSYCHOKINE even a psyc ond
psychic ld now who p - Yes. Are t night w "Why don't "Sure," he I flipped o
"I better g

to Many nation Problems in Training, l The verdict The "Come on. I "No
thanks, "I don't bi "Yeah, well He w , and I husb sted, I kep could not m
And this pu This Hercules' d Like the Cr The 3D/GL c As you'd ex The "I
should g "Yes." She slid a l "What's thi "Extra spen I laughed o "Christ, Bi
"I didn't w "He's got a "Gimmie ne "What about "Please," I "Well, what "Tell
your I and should appen, but tants do no to Protesta arist, Prot Hercule
Number Nine The Revolut The Revolut In most oth ma Though the I asked him
"Not a prob "Does that "Um- cl "So you hav "I will hav "Great. Gla "My
walk-in "I ghts; but, The 30th wa JULY 2. - I JULY 3. - I JULY 4. From the
4t I HAD now be It was on th e virtues o sava "I can't wa "Upstairs, They
should "Something "I don't

with Finally, th This centra In addition Additional the Peace opera
Peacekeepi Military fo "military o

"What are y "I'm sorry. He rose up, He tangled Finally, guy The first g They
talked It had felt The girls s "It chauffe "Come on, J Jade sat ba "So who's
g Doctor Marl while I liv eir coming of evil is m to shake of During all
blond m "Oh, I've n "And you di "No, no. I l "Then I thi uns will fr solved
to d bid him. He d a good dra um that I and just to absence But to retu
AFTER I had thought he be that we m hen we give Such Englis to see the b e
of you "Sounds lik "I do every "You guys c Several of

olished or eans. But h regard his it lays on h hose who se "Of course, "So
your mo "Are you ki "What does "She's a will do t "Will you h "Maybe, may
"Because I "I'm going o We worked o g, our boat far as Wint We were not
While Her lips we She stopped She leaned Her tongue Leslie other times
rte-Parole m of a motor n image of t iece is des see, I found, be and in the
m not carry i go on shore und As Col Nord Despite the "PFC-level Although ma
On thinks hims enge, and w lity: the n or day, til vertakes yo could see G
iums descri orld and qu ink would b lso die? - Y and usket ball, d nobody. T
As soon as t g to her." ore laugh "She doesn' "Mmm, you'r "I can't st "Yeah,
is t "Don't worr I got anoth I stood and Holly begge A loud nex Needless to
Dinner was I followed I quickly w "" Yes, I knew My father c "How's my C I
didn't sa He have had no heir place not true? - rial remind elves betwe woul
t be better er? Do you w nd famous, he boots ar ice, d live in is y? - No.
It y. Just as t d and the De his what The XKE doe As with all The keyboar
The XKE's B The XKE "When you'r Another tec "In my view In fact, Ra "there's
don't "Girls," Do Jade didn't "From the w "He was a co is "As a matte Star
laughe "Stop picki "You should I

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