For three months, Warsaw offices of Polish Deputies were inundated with spam relating to the increasingly vital problem of Surveillance Culture - social surveillance carried out by means of technological devices.
In the materials sent to the Deputies, the author emphasized that decisions regarding such important changes, interfering with everyday environment of Polish citizens, should be made in the spirit of democracy, i.e. taking public opinion into account.

'I would like to suggest highlighting the issue of the broadly defined monitoring in the media, with the participation of experts and intellectuals, which would initiate social discourse and thus contribute to the creation of a legal framework taking due account of the public’s will'.

The Political-spam campaign resulted in many letters exchanged and meetings organised with politicians. The effect of the campaign was to sensitise Polish Deputies to the abovementioned issues, as well as to communicate the information that at least part of the society does not want to live under constant surveillance.

The Deputies submitted the materials to the Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. They will be taken into consideration in the further works of the Committee.

Roch Forowicz