(IN)visible networks

If anyone is in Cornwall tonight - Wednesday 3rd September - then you’re very welcome to join us at the Spring Gallery, The Poly in Falmouth from 7.00pm-10.00pm for the opening event of the (IN)visible networks exhibition (http://www.ires.org.uk/events/invnet.php)

(IN)visible networks draws attention to different political, ethical and aesthetic strategies used by artists to expose the conditions and creative possibilities of network culture. Artists in this exhibition use ritual, sampling, real-time collaboration, reading, wikis, trans narratives, DIY installations and discussion to devise, facilitate and nurture social platforms.

glorious ninth (Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons)
Sönke Hallman
Dominic Thomas

(IN)visible networks is curated by Kate Southworth and Magda Tyzlik-Carver.

The exhibition is part of the international conference Networks of Design (http://www.networksofdesign.co.uk/conference.htm) and runs until 5th September.