Collaborative Residency with The White Building, London & Eyebeam, New York

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 13, 2013, noon
  • Location:
    The White Building and Eyebeam,

The SPACE-run art centre, The White Building in London is teaming up with Eyebeam in New York for a collaborative residency. The call is focusing on 5 provocative focus inquiries around art and technology, listed below.

1.What is the role of authenticity in the current creative situation? Digital technologies are built to reproduce themselves in perfect copies — this is antithetical to notions of single authorship. What is authentic; can there be a single author anymore?

2. What is the place of discussion around aesthetic beauty and form in contemporary technological art? Particularly, how do the formal aspects of work on the internet affect how we ‘appreciate’ and understand art? How are platforms such S[edition] and re-configuring what is digital and physical practice? Moreover, what do we say to skeptics who argue that native art produced on the internet, does not boast the same social, aesthetic, or political value as traditional forms?

3. What is the relationship of queerness to the internet? Are there implied queer trajectories in what the internet enables?

4. How is storytelling evolving across cinema and ebooks, digital novels, hyperlinked narratives etc? Or is it evolving?

5. What does it mean to collaborate across geographies? What does it mean to be close to people?

It’s been a pleasure planning this joint residency and we’re thrilled to see the response! For full information.

Full application details are available here: