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YEN! (New) @ Pera Museum

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YEN! (New)
Six simultaneous multimedia performances, on electronic colors at Pera Museum, Istanbul.
18 May - 2 June 2008.

Project: Genco GULAN

Red: Minübe Millet
Yellow: Anderske Kaspersma
Blue: Gökçe C. Akyildiz, Nefle Mengüloglu
Grey: Necla Köse, Tamer Ertuna
Green: Neylan Özgüle
Pink: Pelin Batu
Piano: Selim Benba
Soprano2: Pelin Su Öznal
Assistant Director: Mustafa Gültekin
Multimedia Design: Berke Soyver
Production: Can Kurban
Costume: Asli Bor, Eti Behar, Leyla Okan
Light: Enver Basar

Although it is believed that there are three main colours
in nature, the number of primary colours has increased
with the advancement of technology. As human
perception changes, the colours used in various image
multiplication techniques had to change. Today, even
though the colours of the rainbow have not altered yet,
the representation of colour is still being debated.

The subject of the performance NEW (YEN! ) is the new set of electronic
colours added to the primary ones. Six of the most
commonly used colours in new printing machines were
selected: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Grey and Pink. The
performance opens a debate about these “new colours”
by using “new technologies”. The "new media" utilised in
the project become both object and subject. At the Pera
Museum, the performers, stationed on high pedestals,
will execute six different but simultaneous
performances. All of the performers improvise within
the limited situation they are in while competing with
themselves, with each other and with technology.
During the performance, Anderske Kaspersma (Yellow)
derives classical arias out of the lines on the Pantone
catalogue whilst working out on a piece of fitness
equipment. The twins, Gökçe C. Yildiz and Nefle Mengüloglu
(Blue) try move as they are attached to each other. Munibe
Millet (Red) tries to type under water. Necla Kose and
Tamer Ertuna (Grey) both run as one of them try to draw and the other one try
to rime. Neylan Ozgule (Green)
rollerblades whilst reading her book Colour Theory
melodically. Wearing a dress made up of cables, Pelin Batu (Pink) reads loud the A.I. generated
text from the computer. All
the while Selim Benba sits next to the acoustic piano
and accompanies the performers with his electronic
By performing these acts in a museum, Genco Gulan
reminds us that "performance art" and "action theatre" are actually
branches of Sculpture as well. (See: Sculpture - From Antiquity
to the Present Day by Duby, Georges and Daval, Jean-
Luc. Taschen, 2005). Gulan tries to emphasises the fact that
equal importance should be given to live arts just as
much as nature mort.

Real-time, computer processed sound, image and text,
triggered by the performer and/or the audience, are
being used in the performance as combining elements.
In this way the pieces integrate and the colours come
out. At the end, the whole performance becomes an
interactive exhibition at the entrance of Pera Museum.