Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture

Media Matters: Friedrich Kittler and Technoculture

Friday 27 June 2008, 18.30-21.00
Saturday 28 June 2008, 10.30-17.45
Saturday 28 June 2008, 19.00-20.45

Friedrich Kittler has been hailed as the 'Derrida of the digital age' and his work is indispensable to anyone thinking about technoculture. This landmark event brings one of today's foremost philosophers of media to Tate Modern for an unmissable opportunity to examine the relationship between culture and technology with a range of leading thinkers and practitioners. For anyone interested in our complex interactions with the technologies that surround us this event is essential, while for those unfamiliar with Kittler it presents an opportunity to discover the work of the leading figure in the flourishing area of German media theory.

Media Matters is a two-day series of events that comprises:

A keynote lecture and performance by Friedrich Kittler with Joulia Strauss and Martin Carlé: 'Preparing the Arrival of the Gods'.

A symposium featuring leading thinkers in the fields of cultural theory, film and the arts.

Speakers include Caroline Bassett, Steven Connor, Alex Galloway, Mark Hansen, John D. Peters and Pam Thurschwell. Plus a Q+A with Friedrich Kittler and Anthony Moore.

'Gramophones, Films, Typewriters': audio, video and text works by ten international artists including Julian Rosefeldt, Dexter Sinister, Janice Kerbel, the Chadwijks and Jarrod Fowler. Curated by Seth Kim-Cohen.

In collaboration with the London Consortium
With additional support from Birkbeck, Goethe-Institut and iRes Research in Interactive Art & Design at University College Falmouth

Tate Modern Starr Auditorium
£32 (£24 concessions), booking required. Tickets are also available for the individual events.
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