suicidal notes

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 11, 2012, 8:46 a.m.
  • Location:
    barcelona, ES

Suicidal notes is a (e)mail art project that is dealing with relation between ethics in politics and terrorism of society_
We are searching 4 fictional suicidal notes of political leaders from all around the world to establish new ethics in politics and to question how the world would look like if the politicians that are responsible 4 the crises, really take this responsibility in a radical way_
What would they write 2 people?
Dear people of Germany, France, USA, Iran, Spain, etc…this is the last day of my life….
We are hoping to receive creative suicidal notes…
The project will be performed in Barcelona, Spain,
on the 9. 11. and later published in the book Suicidal notes….

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p.s. 4 inspiration use this link bellow..