An invitation to Rhizome members and friends:

February 16th - March 28th, 2008
Hosted by Applied Arts, School Of Visual Arts
ARTIST: Roz Dimon

OPENING RECEPTION: February 16, 4:00-8:00PM (6PM demo by Roz drawing with Wacom)
EXHIBITION: 10 limited edition pigment prints of drawings created working live from a nude model

5 Free Training Demos:
Feb. 18th & 25th 6:00-6:30 (Mon., part of the 6-9PM open studio figure drawing)
Feb. 28th & Mar. 20th 5-6PM (Thurs.)
March 8th, 11AM-12noon (Sat.)

What’s unique about these drawings? Surrounded by other artists using traditional media (charcoal, pen and ink) drawing from a live model, Roz Dimon sketches, honing her skills. The only difference is she plugs her backlit canvas into the wall and draws with a pressure-sensitized digital pen and tablet designed by Wacom Technology. Her unique style is captured perfectly as she applies her stylus to a plane in space. The tools she uses are of today but point towards the future, and give her work an exciting edge. At the same time, it’s still all about her hand, her touch, her vision.

What’s exciting about this exhibition? Dimon’s drawings connect us with the past, the classical roots of drawing and painting, and they explore the future. In a larger scope, this show comes at a time when the field of digital art is reaching a new level of maturation in both artistry and technology; alongside a growing public’s ability to understand and appreciate it. It also seems fitting that a show such as this originates in Long Island, a region teeming with artistic energy and American art history.

“I am beginning to do some of my best work here. I work with a different kind of light than the American Impressionists or the Abstract Expressionists… however, there is an undeniable creative force at work here on the East End where moraine meets sky and artists gather.” Roz Dimon

This exhibition and educational venue is made possible by a collaboration between:

Wacom Technology, providing funding and equipment for demonstration, including several Wacom tablets as well as the Cintiq, a state-of-the-art interactive tablet
Roz Dimon, an ongoing innovator in the realm of digital painting and drawing who has 8 pieces in the collection of AT&T among others. She has been featured in Forbes magazine alongside David Hockney and has had numerous shows both nationally and abroad. Dimon curated a major show of digital art, “code,” for Ricco/Maresca Gallery in NYC which drew a crowd of over 300 on opening night and was covered by all 3 National Television Networks, Prix-Ars Electronica and CNET online.

Roz will discuss her work and demonstrate drawing with the Wacom throughout the exhibition.

Please join APPLIED ARTS in bringing this exhibit to a wider audience.

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