Saturday Jan 27
7x7 Conference Schedule

Updated: Jan 25, 12:15pm

12:50 PM Door Opens
1:30 PM 7x7 conference begins! Opening remarks
1:40 PM Rindon Johnson x Alan Steremberg
2:10 PM Tomás Saraceno (remote) x Harry Halpin
2:45 PM Ana Fabrega x Cristóbal Valenzuela
3:15 PM Lynn Hershman Leeson x Eugenia Kuyda
3:45 – 4:15 PM Intermission
4:15 PM Miriam Simun x David Robert (with Spot and Hannah Rossi)
4:55 PM Xin Liu x Christina Agapakis (with Joshua Dunn)
5:25 PM Closing remarks
5:35 PM Reggie Watts x Dr. Stephon Alexander
6:10 PM 7x7 conference concludes
6:10 – 7:30 PM 7x7 Reception in the Sky Room