Steven Silberg

Member Since September 17, 2002


Steven H. Silberg examines and reevaluates our interaction with and understanding of data and information, and the creative potential of data loss. Stemming from his background in photography, Silberg uses the image as source material for his investigations.

He writes, "By reassessing the relationship between the disruptor and the organizer, degradation can be considered a constructive process; noise becomes a tool of creative expression," describing the common threads running through his work - degradation, disruption, and reorganization of the visual matrix.

Inspired by his diverse background, including work as a book conservator in the field of library preservation and as a community artist, Silberg applies the formal considerations of the application and investigation of noise to a variety of concepts:

* the evaluation of data and the reassessment of how we interpret it
* the breakdown of image as a result of noise
* our relationship to and engagement with technology
* human interaction and interrelation as a paralleled by our technologies