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Call For Submissions - Favorite Video Festival

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 1, 2010, midnight


Hello, the Human Observation Society is now accepting submissions of you’re favorite video from you’re preferred online video site (youtube, veemo, video.myspace.com, et cetera) to the Favorite Video Festival. The aim of this festival is to create a time capsule that will be limited to a five year run (ending in 2015). Each year will explore a different theme relating to how people are expressing themselves though the medium of the uploaded personal video and of course the sharing of these videos.

The festival will be exhibited both online (http://favoritevideofestival.org) and screenings will be organized for various exhibition spaces and movie houses.

Theme - This year’s theme will revolve around how people show/express their love and upload it for all to see.

Some examples of submissions include but is not limited to:
Mating Calls/Dances
Replies (to videos on the topic)
Break Ups

Submission Guidelines
- Video must have been available online before Dec. 2009
- Submission must be limited to 5 minutes (longer videos will also be considered)
- Original User or Altered/Remixed Content ONLY (no original artworks please)
- You can’t submit a video you have made.
- Send any information about yourself that you wish to be included on the
website/program. This may include a bio, your opinion of the video selection, some offtopic rant, website or other related material.
- Send submission to [email]FVF@humanobservationsociety.com[/email] as a hyperlink to the video

Please feel free to interpret the submission guidelines as you see fit.

Thank you, we hope to receive you’re submission soon.



Steve April 26 2010 18:15Reply

I'll take their call for submissions seriously when they learn that you're means "you are" and "your" indicates possession.