Member Since April 23, 2010

The Human Observation Society was established in the 2007 (and is to this day still active).

The Human Observation Society are a group of individuals who wish to remain anonymous.

The Human Observation Society primarily focuses on research and development of ideas that examine the following;

Instruction / Direction
Free / Trade Culture
Preparing Meals
Music / Songs / Sound
History (Culture, Art, Music)
Recording Technology (Audio & Video)

The Human Observation Society's published work is presented in the form of Experiments and Projects.

All of our published work is available online as documentation or for participation at:

Physical publication of our work (when available to the public) is presented as such (but not limited to);

Participatory Events
Interactive Installations
Perforative Actions
Individual Works (Video, Books, Sculpture, Et Cetera)
Sound Installations
Documents (Physical & Web)