Olga Ast

Member Since February 15, 2004

Website: www.partast.com

Olga Ast is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist. Ast’s projects have combined different media to find the interconnecting threads between divergent fields such as art, poetry, philosophy, science & technology. Her installations and other work resided in the “gray zone” between art & science, among other disciplines. Ast has exhibited and lectured in the U.S. and abroad, presenting her work at Rutgers, Goettingen and Michigan Universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Kloone 4000 International Art/Science Project, the Philoctetes Center and NYC Future Salon. In 2009, she organized the ArcheTime Conference and Exhibition in NYC, dedicated to exploring artistic, academic and scientific concepts of time (www.archetime.net). In 2009, she published 'Fleeing from Absence', a book of four essays that explores the nature and interpretations of time (www.fleeingfromabsence.com). At the present time Olga Ast is in the process of creating a publication, 'Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time', to be released by Mark Batty Publisher in 2011.